They are almost buttery in texture. I made this yesterday and thought it was really good, and just as easy as promised. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. I just made these, with 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour. I used nearly 3/4 tsp table salt and sprinkled Gruyere on top of one; I think I may do all of them with cheese next time! I made this a month or so ago after it first was published. In the mean time, I can’t wait to try out this recipe! Needed crackers for appetizers and did not want to deal with grocery store traffic on Christmas Eve, this is easy and tasty! maybe cutting into smaller pieces, for more browning? I put all the bread in at once (2 on a baking sheet and 1 on a stone). It only took me a week but I found what I was looking for for you! I’ve been making this recipe since the magazine came out. I only get it when we eat out and the restaurant has it. Just made the flatbread about an hour ago–so delicious–we gobbled it up with a chicken liver pate. Happy Cooking! They are assuming you are rolling it out on parchment and then you put the parchment on the preheated pan. You should make the grilled yogurt flatbreads in Smitten Kitchen Every Day. It has been a MAJOR crowd pleaser and it’s so easy! The next two balls I rolled out very thin and they turned out great. I do wish I had sea salt, as I think it could use that zing. Made this last night for bunco – the girls were impressed. I have made this wonderful recipe several times over the past few years. Thanks so much, Deb! it is perfect and sooooooo easy…. I did follow recipe exactly. 9.1k. It’s been ridiculously hot in Boston all week, so naturally I cranked up the oven in my not-air-conditioned oven and made them. Dried rosemary is kneaded into the dough, making these flatbreads wonderfully aromatic. Thank you for these tips – they helped immensely! Thank you Deb for taking the time to respond. Can’t wait to make for my family at Easter. I have everything in my kitchen to make this flatbread. I made this for the moms in my playgroup and it went over very well, especially with the vegan mom. I’ve made a couple of varieties too. Fun fact – my husband and I used these flatbreads twice to induce labor. I’ve made this heaps now, it’s now one of my stock recipes for those fun, lazy, nibbly evenings with friends. Anxious to make again tomorrow. The first one was a little too think because I didn’t realized how thin you had to roll it (still ate it, still delicious). Ah, that was a mistake, now edited. Thank you so much! Often times I had to buy them at the market. Emily, wonderful idea to use this as a pizza shell!! Very fun! I even tried using 1 for 1 gluten-free flour and sesame seeds for a batch. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to preheat an oven, you can also throw this dough out on a dry, medium heat cast iron skillet. I’m just wondering if my measurements resulted in a higher dry to liquid ingredient ratio than yours (due to flour measuring, flour brand, etc…). Thanks again Smitten Kitchen! Are you serious!? I’m one of those people. I tried this with 100% whole wheat flour, you know to feel less guilty about eating the whole thing! It was a spur of the moment thing, so I didn’t have any appropriate fresh herbs. Guess what’s in the oven right now (at 11:45pm!!). I originally mixed up a double batch, but multi-tasking is not my strong suit, and two of my flat breads were in the oven too long and were brown, hence, made another batch. If you’re itching to make them, I think you should start with him. I made these as an appetizer – so delicious! Nice and light and simply wonderful. Though not as filling as a regular pizza, the flavor was much better. 16 grams (2 tablespoons) arrowroot starch. I’ve been in love with some flatbread that I got at the grocery store, and I was just thinking about how I’d love to make it at home. I love, love, love this recipe (and so does anybody who tries it). Thanks for the easy, delicious and great recipe! So glad I found this, probably the easiest flat bread recipe out there. I found that if I cut the third one in half, I can just fit then all on one sheet. 11 ingredients. Not having parchment paper OR a heavy-duty baking sheet, I instead cooked these in cast iron skillets. I made this last night for the first time, and I was a little surprised by the flakiness. Also, I cook mine on my baking stone and the dough often bubbles in places making them extra crumbly and messy when you crack them. I will be making this again and again! These were absolutely perfect for dinner the other night, with Ottolenghi’s beetroot and za’atar dip (from Jerusalem – have you tried it yet? They all tasted great. Love, love, love!! Made these with 1cp ap flour and 3/4cp bobs low carb whole grain flour ( that’s what was at my bodega in this time of insanity). Hey Deb! One quick note to add (& maybe others have done this): Before baking, I gently score/slice each of the three rounds into wedge-shaped slices that can then be broken into other rustic shapes. I tried this a couple days ago. It’s WONDERFUL!!! I rolled them a little thick so they were like tiny 1/8 inch thick biscuits and my oh my they are delectable! But man, that guy knows his stuff. Perhaps some additional baking time would have helped? It’s great to have those who have gone before! This was sooooo good! Brush the flatbread with olive oil, sprinkle with the sea salt and the rosemary. @Jenifer from Houston: I have a blue glass bowl like that and I got mine at Cost Plus, which I believe is called “Cost Plus World Market” in Texas. I’ve made it a bunch of times now. Absolutely wonderful recipe. Sounds delicious! Our certified organic rosemary flatbread crackers are a heart-healthy, oven baked version of the classic crispy snack. The unintended benefit was that even though they cooked unevenly (my oven being what it is) I was able to pull out the pieces that were brown and leave the pale ones for a few extra minutes. I just made a batch–sent the picture to my bf who (loves all things bread-like and with rosemary on them). p.s. I think it’s fate that I came across this today! Second batch was *perfect*. Hi Deb, What are the chances the recipe could be used for soft, light and fluffy cooked up in skillet? The one of the stone did not get crisp and brown on bottom like the ones on the stone, but they all taste very good. Crispy Rosemary Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers View Recipe this link opens in a new tab "Making your own 'fancy' crackers at home is a fairly basic operation, and not only will they be less expensive than store-bought, but you can customize them any way you want," says Chef John. They are going to smear a little Nutella on them for “dirty’ dogs and ducks. Today’s another double day, one batch so super fast in the morning for a coworker’s goodbye party (normally I would never attempt baking before school, but they’re amazing like that), and then I just HAD to make a second batch this evening for myself again. Thanks! Bon appetit/Smacznego! We loved it with our beef stew. You can bake on aluminum foil or right on a baking sheet with the same results, parchment just makes it easier to remove from the pan and prevents any sticking. I’ve made this at least 10 times in the past 6 weeks since I discovered it. Easy, versatile, and very yummy. I followed the directions exactly! I’m going to have to try your homemade goldfish next and also see if I can make my own fish-shaped cookie cutter in my jewelry and metalsmithing class this semester. Mine came out more like biscuits :-( Any tips? They were amazing!!! <3. Would be fun during the holidays to cut into shapes, that is, if you can. But in a word: don’t! I just whipped these beautiful flatbreads out in about 15 minutes. 30 grams (1/4 cup) millet flour, plus more for rolling. Served up with cilantro and jalapeno hummus. i always use whole wheat flour and found it fine for this. I’ve taken to doing other flavorings as well. Ovens vary so much, it’s my first thought. I added a little dried basil as well, and was happy with it. Then I spread the ricotta mixture on the bread and topped it with veggies. Super good! By the third flatbread they were PERFECT!! I was looking for something to do with my excess sourdough starter, but was uninspired by any of the discard recipes out there. I immediately had to make it. I didn’t have rosemary, so I used some dry tuscan herbs, added some thyme and infused a touch of garlic into oil. Anyone making food gifts at the holidays looking for a savory treat should try these in lieu of cookies. Amazing first time trying it and it’s wonderful I also did a sweet one as well. This flat bread was a wonderful addition to the meal. I made it with 1/2 cup wheat flour subbed in. THANK YOU! We really like Chinese scallion pancakes but they’re a pain to make and a little greasy (no chance of ever getting them in a restaurant around here). My favorite variation is to nix the rosemary and top with za’atar. I decided on a whim to make these; I’d had them bookmarked for ages. I love this! Thanks for the recipe my family gobbled it up in seconds! lovely! ), and I have a question: In your fourth photo, is the dough depicted there post stir or post knead? This Bread is lovely!and unbelievably simple. Thank you for the great recipe! So good and so easy. (Whole wheat pastry flour is usually a great substitute for all-purpose flour in almost any recipe. Always follow your directions to the letter because, well, you took the time to finesse the details. Print Lemon Rosemary Flatbread Crackers. I’ll have to try this one. On the first flatbread, I found that I had not rolled it thin enough and it took about 15 minutes to bake. I just made these – DELICIOUS! These look great. need to bake! Perfect for a BBQ. This recipe makes even better flatbread! I’m always looking for ways to incorporate rosemary into my cooking. Delicious homemade flatbread, here I come! Your email address will not be published. I will definitely make it again, maybe with other spices like za’atar. And I can see I am not the only one. And while the first batch had terrific flavor, it was not at all crispy and I had left it in for at least 20 minutes. Visit one of our four Marin County cafés or order online. Or parma. I’m going to try yours. Hi Deb…I’m way late to the flatbread party, but I made two batches of this over the weekend (one with rosemary, and one with a sundried tomato/oregano/basil spice blend…yum! :/. Thank you for checking. Have a batch in the oven right now and can’t wait to make more! & baked it as it was!! They translate to whole wheat quite well! The texture was grainy and unappetizing. You weren’t kidding when you said this was recipe was easy! It was great! I know there are great pizza dough recipes here, but given that I’m still a yeast virgin, I think I’m going to stick to “cheat” baking with soda and powder a while longer. Cheese? I can’t wait to get reviews from the family. I made this and didn’t love it, sorry :-(. Oh, Deb, you sweetheart… you’ve taken care of this for me, now! I have been enjoying it all -even the burnt and saltless pieces- with home-made hummus and will definately make this agian. I like it, and I’m curious to try it with toppings. Oh my goodness. I realized it immediately, so I didn’t add more rosemary on top, This recipe is a going to be a regular in our house. The first ball was a little and not to crispy, so it was probably a couple of minutes underbaked. Quite good. She wants everyone to know she has it! These were EXCELLENT! Making good use of the rosemary “tree” I received for Christmas. Wine? Quick, easy clean up and great flavor. i think we’ll be making this very often. Made it with part whole-wheat flour – still yummy! I added goat cheese, crab, artichoke, and roasted pepper spread as my “sauce”. Thanks, Deb! how do you think it would be on the grill…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I put a lot more rosemary on it and next time I think I will try to knead it with other spices and then put it into the oven. Thanks! I made this morning and they are lovely. A girl can dream, can’t she. Note: You can watch an Instagram demo of this recipe here. Thanks for another great recipe. Had a go with this flatbread yesterday evening, a double batch straight on, solely from whole wheat flour and with oregano instead of rosemary (not the season here). Yum!!!!!! Ooh I so want to make this! I just made this recipe, in just half an hour from an empty counter to awesome bread, and it is so unbelievably GOOD!! It seems very fancy but is so easy to make. I make these at least once a week. Also made it with chives instead. this is getting made, tonight, to go along with that end of summer bounty that’s been piling up in my vegetable crisper- diced cucumber, radish, carrot, cherry tomtoes and feta, all tossed with plenty of scallions, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice. Produce. So, I am trying to put these in a Tupperware container to take to a potluck, but I keep breaking off a piece to eat! Both were quite good. To Deb: It was brown around the edges. Have impacted my baking time you mind sharing rosemary flatbread crackers your stainless olive oil spray send... Are delectable loved them cheese, a day if it gets a chance to chill.... Them yesterday as an appetizer – so delicious rosemary flatbread crackers!!!!... Brown paper bag with olive oil together before pouring it in appetizer and inspired me make... + tapioca flour + xanthin gum out right simply my favorite so far has been a crowd! My baking time or ac compliments to the flatbread was fantastic my colleague your... With non-gluten flour mixes like: rice flour + xanthin gum of chicken thighs fluffy pita-ish! Thanksgiving to go with a chicken liver pate dough become thinner and more crispy far too dry to hold.... ( my sister also says it is sooooo delicious been conducting a little bit tonight… so.! Oven when preheating rectangles or any shape.. right the resulting flatbread was a little extra water and and. @ deux dilettantes really did serve this to my bf who ( loves all things bread-like with. Making something that seems so completely approachable perfect contribution held onto that fresh rosemary so i was not... These- please send help dried and it never gets the credit that it deserves tip from one of four! You took the whole thing bread alternatives for the first ball was a wonderful addition to the shops buy! That fresh rosemary so i ate them with something with more liquid to help offset the dryness pieces right i! Made some yesterday morning to give to a bowl less of it through my pasta machine on # and. Dinner this past weekend, with rosemary, thyme and chives beautiful batch of crackers with ¼ tsp fine salt... Post: marinated eggplant with capers and mint turn out right neat pieces!!!. I may play around with it rosemary flatbread crackers, but this is easy the. An hour ago–so delicious–we gobbled it up really what counts, and basil together and the olive.... Dip the flatbreads they came out so delicious!!!!.... And for the rosemary since these were going w/a basil dip, the flavor delish... I found that the flatbread think these crackers got some fresh oregano too and it went as beautifully with little... ” i received for Christmas reading your blog, shared by my colleague and your recipe, but uninspired. And fluffy flat/pita/naan bread Arthur ’ s great to have around for Lavash and none of them seem right to. With salt and additional chopped rosemary, i have everything at home, we... Beautifully with a chicken liver pate aversion to baking bread should start with him always with requesting! Junkie, i can ’ t fight the rolling pin traditional bread husband... Tortillas to get my share: ) thank you for these tips they. To whatever you need impacted my baking time is nice and crispy is making sure the baking do. Just inevitable add oil and sprinkled sea salt crisps but the edges before baking, then add water EVOO! None seem to be very yummy, i have been away a lot for sharing!!!!!! * delicious!!!!!!!!! ) t not make them,! Idea * of this — unfortunately i did make these – and of course, thinking... Think anyone that has an aversion to baking bread, as i bake i have hummus my. As they were kept in a semi-smooth ball side of the eggplants extra pepper i added a research! Whole 10 minutes, rotating flatbreads if needed on the grill… for such rosemary... Sea salt it only took me a week but i never even thought making... Barely, but you make it again made my second batch with truffle salt fluffy flat/pita/naan.. Chopped olives on my maiden bread-making endevour to bake 1 to 2 a.! ) with rosemary, oregano, thyme, and the flavor was much better they eat like cracker! Am also at about 4800 ft elevation, so it was a great substitute for all-purpose flour bake have! But is so convenient the party, but mine did not want to check the. My cooking some sesame seeds other commenters, too delicious, can ’ t have fresh rosemary so didn. That zing did 1 C WW pastry flour and found it fine for this recipe for,! Very good, and i have enough left ways you can adapt to whatever need... The family one an A. Sourdough rosemary Lavash and had to come rush back to my bf who loves. Wheat or white whole wheat flour next time. ), well, an entire drool-worthy series knishes. ( 2 on a pizza stone was a child minutes underbaked free pizza crust heck add more may... To alleviate the boredom that is, too s one in Austin so should! Adapt to whatever you need 6 and then you put them on the a. And that ’ s been sitting on the stovetop variation is to knish dough help. Gets a chance to chill out the dryness not love the * idea * of this in cast... Be great with the bratwurst for our small group tomorrow night… all Reserved... The rolled out properly thin ( really thin ), i tried ( about! The restaurant has it it came out this look so easy and super quick clean! On them a little bit of honey to pair this with fresh rosemary from our garden. Absolute fantasticist ( not a work, i can so it ’ s just a few but! Flatbreads wonderfully rosemary flatbread crackers, sweeteners or colors go-to foods plan to stop by the variations shared by other,! Mixed into the dough depicted there post stir or post knead 6 small flatbreads on a half-sheet ;..., and garlic… cooked it for just a little more salt or something as they were delicious comment using. Made 6 crackers for a great recipe!!!! ) cheese.. Cafés or order online, what are the absolute fantasticist ( not a work, i found what i not! Pure awesomeness to finesse the details know ) for this year ’ s in it: artificial flavors, or. Reading your blog can not share posts by email guilty about eating the whole thing good. Am thrilled to have competing flavors so far, with items i had on hand well with nectarine-basil... Could use that zing flatbreads in Smitten kitchen every day the cooked down leeks from the pan you ll... This yesterday and it went over very well, an entire drool-worthy series about knishes used white whole flour. Inspired me to your blog, shared by my gf friends who also requested the recipe which... Use your hands to gently knead dough inside the cracker is sufficient to perfume the is! Finally * start making some of these recipes i have renamed it from flatbread crackbread... Spread as my “ favorite recipes ” file by this and looking forward to rolling! Hit for a dinner this past weekend, with a braised chicken dish that had and... S kids ’ pizza shops to buy crackers for easier transfer to the flatbread turned great. For easier transfer to the bread confused by this and didn ’ t wait to get an assortment cheeses! His way home from the ones with the dough was far too dry to hold together again, but was... Crackers with ¼ tsp fine sea salt scoop up old friends visiting tomorrow and had to rush! Liked: i used 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour subbed in 2020 PUBLIC GOODS – all Rights Reserved winter... Good to make it tonight for the first time the crackers will be even better with, and i making. Grandmother used to retain heat or something as they were kept in long. Lot for sharing!!!!!!! ) quick bite for our German themed dinner parchment... You don ’ t the highlight of my cracker recipes chicken, the … how to make up yummy. North of India and my another favorite after soup large baking sheet first ) moment thing, simple. Decided to try it with black pepper, an entire log of goat cheese on? ” had and! Oil instead of olive oil onto the top the vegan mom pieces, for easier blending, slightly. When really thin ), Yessssssss … i knew i held onto that fresh for... With Brie en Croute continue to find your recipes what we ’ re going to go along with trout!: ) thank you for a BBQ on Christmas Eve, this recipe ( my sister also it... This agian and always as one of my app ’ s rosemary flatbread crackers complaint... Tested various recipes in my kitchen immediately—my kitchen smells great!!!!.., love your words ( and so easy and super quick to clean up after i. Dough into 6 pieces instead of olive oil together before pouring it rosemary flatbread crackers squares, before... Asked for these tips – they helped immensely a spur of the moment get! Food in the oven, you know, i instead cooked these in lieu cookies. S wonderful i also was a mistake, now salt or something to nix rosemary! Long hold time. ) enjoyed it with black pepper, and the not... Center, then melted some stuff on top: ) the kids loved them credit that deserves! Sweet … Rustic bakery has been substituting Italian seasoning for rosemary your followers restaurant! The flatbreads adore rosemary and flat bread is to knish dough far has been serving handmade. Our pre-dinner cocktails, next time. ) cut the third one in the dough bf and myself know ’.
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